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Crimson River is a Country Gospel Group 

Brought together in 2012 by God's grace.  We always strive to place God and His plan for us first and He is faithful. He has taken us to places we never thought we would go and have met amazing folks along the way.  We like to have fun while we perform and let the Holy Spirit lead us.

Our band members include: Richard Enns, Tim Klein, Curtis Davidson, Connie Hartman, Ray Hartman, Huge Bailey and Shanan Sadler.

Our band includes: Connie Hartman, Ray Hartman, Tim Klein, Richard Enns, Hugh Bailey, Shanan Sadler and Curtis Davidson.

We consider each other family and have often heard "You all really seem to love each other on and off the stage."  

About Us

Over the past six years God’s plan for Crimson River has unfolded. Like the building of a puzzle, seven people came together.

Christ’s love ran red down the cross. He freed us from our sin and we are no longer the same. This is where our band's name came to life. We understand that we are in the presence of God. We walk humbly with God. We want to do the will of God. Every time we step out of our front doors into the world or onto a stage to sing we long for the fragrance of God to be ever before us, around us, and even as we go behind us. At the end of each day we want to be able to say we have done our best to show God’s love to the world. We want to one day hear from God “Well done faithful servant.”



of a tree

we all grow in different directions, and yet our roots remain as one.  We are family...a circle of strength, founded in faith , joined in love-kept by God.

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