Meet the Band

Ray and Connie have been married like forever and are wildly in love with each other even if they don't like to kiss in public. Connie has a passion for music and for ministering through music to others. Ray is our percussionist and mandolin player. I don't get these guys that play more than one kind of instrument. It just doesn't seem fair. He also works at DMI as some kind of engineer kind of thingy. Both are wonderfully passionate about God and people.

Hugh Bailey is an exceptionally Loving Family man. He recently started a new job working for who the heck knows. I thinks it's environmental or something. He  is gifted in singing and loves to bring his talents on the road and sing before the Lord and others. I like it when he blows the train whistle. I think he thinks it's silly. He always gets this little smile on when he has to blow it.

A guy of many Talents, Richard is a man of integrity and loves  music. He can play the banjitar dohaw and acoustic guitar  like nobodies business. He has a lovely wife (Anna) who Enjoys watching him play. Oh! He is a mechanic and works for some company around Peace River somewhere as well as raising cattle on the side. No I'm not talking about his kids. They have all moved out of the house anyway.

Now here is the talented masterful guitarist Tim Klein. He is faithful beyond words. Loves kids and I think mostly because mentally hasn't filled the boots of his age yet. I don't think he ever will. That's a good thing by the way. This guy is a real cowboy. He Married a Lovely lady named Hope. I think that was the only way he could have some, I guess.

Then there is this hay wire. The bassist, Shanan Sadler.  He won't play anything but his home made guitar since he built the thing  8 years ago. I guess that's not entirely true anymore. He's taken up the harmonica in the last year. He has been married to his wonderful wife Karen for around 16 years and she is very understanding and we have 2 amazing kids Ethan and Hannah. He wishes he could be more like Tim I think. 

This guy is deep! Move over George Younce... Well maybe not that deep, but... Curtis Davidson has a great ear for the bass end. You would never know he was a traveling salesman. Yup, he works as a sales rep. for Air Liquide I think. He has a wonderful family of 3 kids, and i'm not talking goats. You will probably see or hear his wife, Rhonda, in the crowd somewhere as she is his groupie, or something.